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甘露泉水 Kanro-sensui Kanro Sensui

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Kanro Sensui is a fresh water spring that wells up from Mt. Rijiri (1771m above sea level) in  Rijiri Island located north east of Hokkaido.
Because of its beauty, Mt. Rijiri is also called Rijiri Fuji Mountain and was voted one of 100 best mountains in Japan.  
Kanro Sensui emerges about a third of the way up at the hill station of Mt. Rijiri which is about 290m above sea level. Its water remains at a near constant temperature of 5.5°C all year round. Kanro Sensui, chosen as one of 100 most remarkable waters of Japan, is located at the northern most point of all these spring waters, and as the name, “Kanro”, implies, the water tastes sweet.
Mt. Rijiri is a scenic mountain and treasure trove of rich plant and animal life including pikhta, jezo spruce, acer mono and erman’s birch. The spring water of Kanro Sensui is rain and snow-melt that has filtered for a hundred years through the rocky underground and emerges with a distinct taste and purity.
Mt. Rijiri is not a high mountain; however, it is dominated by steep paths and caution and appropriate equipment are needed for the ascent. Despite that, the mountain attracts many climbers. Breathtaking views of Sakhalin can be seen from the summit. Resting during the ascent and tasting the spring water on the way to the summit is one of the most pleasurable experiences for the climbers.

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Rijirifuji-machi, Rijiri-gun, Hokkaido 097-0100
Kanro Sensui

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