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お山参詣 Oyama-sankei Oyamasankei Festival

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Oyamasankei is a festival held at Iwakiyama Shrine in Hyakuzawa, Hirosaki City, Aomori Pref. Iwakiyama Shrine was established as a Bettoji (attached temple) of Oriinomiya Shrine (detached shrine) in 1628. The enshrined are five deities including Utsushikunitama no Kami, which are collectively called Iwakiyama Oogami (Great god of Mt. Iwakiyama). There are two big festivals held at this shrine; one in spring and the other, Oyamasankei Festival, in fall. From July 29 to August 1 on lunar calendar every year, people from the same village form a group and visit the back shrine at the top of Mt. Iwakiyama to thank and pray for rich harvest. The groups of people, all dressed in white and with white Tekko (wrist coverings) and Kyahan (leggings) on, head for the top of the mountain chanting “Saigi, Saigi, Rokkon Shojo,” with the musical accompaniment of Japanese flute and drums. After praying, they spend a night at the mountain top, worship the rising sun, and climb down the mountain chanting “Batara, Batara, Batarayo, Iiyama-Kaketa.” It is said that a person who come down the mountain safely will have the good fortune.

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Hyakuzawa, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture 036-1343
Oyamasankei Festival

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