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くしふる神社大祭 Kushifuru-jinja-taisai Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine Festival

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Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine Festival takes place every October at Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine in Mitai, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture.
It is not known when Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine was first worshiped. Initially it didn’t have a built structure and the entire Kushifuru mountain was seen as an object of worship. It was 1694 when the devotion of  Nobeoka Clan and the villagers led to the building of the shrine. The deity of the shrine is Amatsuhikohikohononinigi-no-mikoto.
The biggest attraction of the festival is a long parade that consists of over 600 people including portable shrines and brass bands in a procession 2.6 km round trip from Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine to Takachiho-jinjya Shrine through the center of the town.
A Sumo wrestling tournament, which has taken place for over 350 years, occurs in the precincts of the shrine. Also babies compete with their loud cries for good health in “Unari Sumo”. Parades by groups with stick weapons and brass bands and archery tournaments are also held.
Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine Festival is a valiant festival proud of its long tradition.

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Mitai Hongumi, Takachiho-cho, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1101
Kushifuru-jinjya Shrine Festival

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