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知床(世界遺産) Shiretoko(Sekai-isan) Shiretoko (World Heritage site)

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'Shiretoko National Park' is designated as a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO and is located around the Shiretoko Peninsula in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Brown bears and Ezo deer are free to roam this vast expanse and eagles, salmon, sea lions and whales move freely throughout the land, sea and sky; it's an amazing treasure trove of nature.

Shiretoko is famous for the Shiretoko Five Major Lakes or the Shiretoko Cape, but in addition, there are many other excellent locations such as Rausu Lake, Shiretoko Mountains and Shiretoko Eight Major Landscapes (Oshinkoshin's Waterfall, Oroshiko Rock, Yuuhi Tableland, Puyuni Cape, Furepe's Waterfall, Shiretoko Pass, Shiretoko Five Major Lakes, and Kamuiwakka Hot Waterfall).  You can enjoy magnificent scenes of nature in all it’s wildness throughout the seasons.

It is popular to drive on 'Shiretoko Crossing Road' of Route 334, the winding road crossing from Rausu to Utoro on the Shiretoko Peninsula. You can have a fun road trip and enjoy the view of Mt.Rausu. You will be able to enjoy sightseeing from your car, hiking snow covered trails and traipsing through the trees and admiring the fall foliage. You might even meet a wild Ezo deer or Kita fox if you are lucky.

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