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瀬浜海岸(堂ヶ島のトンボロ) Sebama-kaigan(Douga-shima-no-tonboro) Sebama Beach (The Tombolo in Dogashima)

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Sebama Beach is located in Dogashima, a scenic spot in Nishiizu Town on the west side of Izu Peninsula. The three islands (Zojima, Nakanoshima and Takashima) in the offing of the beach are generically called “Sanshiro Island.” At the low tide, a 30 meter wide natural stone bridge emerges and connects the islands with the mainland shore so that people can walk to the islands. This stone bar is called a “tombolo” and is prefecturally designated as a Natural Monument because this kind of natural phenomenon can be rarely seen in Japan.

There is a tragic legend concerning the islands. In the late Heian period (794-1192), a young man called Izu no Sanshiro hid himself on Nakanoshima Island to escape from the pursuers of the Taira clan. He fell in love with Koyuki, a daughter of a powerful warrior in a nearby village. On the day when Sanshiro set out to join Yoritomo’s army, Koyuki ran to the beach to cross the tombolo bridge but she was drowned in rough waves of the high tide.

If you’d like to cross the tombolo bridge, you should check the time the bridge appears, for it doesn’t appear depending on tide.

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Nishiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3500
Sebama Beach (The Tombolo in Dogashima)

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