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manufact jam located in Mashiko-machi, a town famous for pottery, is an
architectural design office as well as a workshop manufacturing furniture
and wooden cutlery. In the field of architectural and interior design, the
company specializes in “Japanese-modern” style with its unique worldview.
In manufacturing furniture, it has brought out various modern, simple and
sophisticated items made of iron combined with scrap wood from demolished
old farm houses or oak, ash and walnut. The company is now planning to open
up an on-line shop for cutlery made of oak, cherry and chestnut and
one-and-only scrap wood small furniture, which is very anticipated. Under
the company’s philosophy of giving an aid to equip space and human life,
they say there is no border in its scope of business. You can’t look away
from its future business front.

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"Nippon-kichi" leads you to places, people and things that reveal a certain Japanese aesthetic.

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