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東大寺 二月堂 Toudaiji Nigatsudou Todai-ji Temple Nigatsu-do

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Todai-ji Temple Nigatsu-do is located inside the vast Todai-ji Temple complex in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, just north of Hokke-do.   Since it is highly significant historically,
it was designated as a national treasure in 2005.
Formally named  Kannon-do, it became known as Nigatsu-do (hall of the second month) because it holds the Shuuni-e religious ceremony every  February of the lunar calendar.
The temple was built in 752 and the first Shuuni-e  was celebrated the same year, an annual tradition that  has continued until now without interruption.
In 1667, Nigatsu-do was destroyed by a fire caused by Otaimatsu, a fire-carrying ritual that is part of  the Shuuni-e ceremony.  Two years later, it was restored to what it is today.
The principal images of Budda are two statues:  Oogannon and Kogannon, both of which are Juuichimen Kannon, or eleven-headed gods. These  Buddha statues are not shown to the public.
Nigatsu-do is an impressive and serene presence that enchants visitors with its more than 1200 years history.

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406-1 Zoushi-cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8211
Todai-ji Temple Nigatsu-do

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