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上野城 Ueno-jo Ueno Castle

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Ueno Castle (Hakuho Castle) is located in Ueno, Iga City, Mie prefecture. A castle was first built at this site in the 13th year of the Tensho period (1585), by Tsutsui Sadatsugu, who had been given Iga. Heirakuji Temple, which had been razed during the Tensho-Iga war, had previously stood at this site.

In the 13th year of the Keicho period (1608), Tsutsuji Sadatsugu was recalled and Todo Takatora received the castle and renovated much of it. He made the moats deeper and the stone ramparts higher as defence against Toyotomi. For many years, these 30m-high stone walls were the highest in Japan. (Today, the walls of Osaka castle are the highest.)

After the Meiji Restoration, most of the stone walls were pulled down and the castle remained deserted. In the 13th year of the Meiji period (1935), Katsu Kawasaki rebuilt the castle. The three-tiered and three-storied castle tower was built at that time. Today, the castle is officially called Iga Cultural Industry Castle.

In Showa 42 (1967), the castle and its district were designated as a National Historical Site.

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106 Marunouchi, Ueno, Iga, Mie Prefecture, 518-0873
Iga Ueno Castle

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