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曽我の傘焼まつり Soga-no-kasayaki-matsuri Soga no Kasayaki Matsuri Festival

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Soga no Kasayaki Matsuri Festival is held in Sogayatsu, Odawara City, Kanagawa Pref. It is selected as one of 50 Festivals of Kanagawa. This unique festival is originated in a famous historical story, which is known as a kabuki play “Soga Monogatari (Tale of Soga),” one of Japan’s three famous revenge stories. In 1193 in the Kamakura period, Soga Goro and his brother Juro meted out vengeance to the murder of their father. When they attacked the murder at midnight, they set fire on their paper umbrellas and used them as torches. The festival is held on their obit, May 28th, to appease their souls. The two young boys in the costumes of the Soga brothers set fire on a pile of used paper umbrellas dedicated to the brothers’ family temple, Jozenji Temple. On the day of the festival, a lot of events such as the prayers for the deceased actors associated with Tale of Soga, a Buddhist sermon, the procession of samurai warriors and chigo (young boys), Sumo parade, and children’s Sumo tournament are held in the precinct of the temple.

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Sogayatsu, Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0204

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