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八面山 Hatimen-san Hachimen Mountain

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Hachimen Mountain, in Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture, is 659m high, and so named because it looks the same from whichever direction you see it. ('Hachime' means 'eight directions'.)

Hachimen Mountain is a table-top plateau formed by volcanic eruptions from Mount Aso, or in other words, it is a humongous rock formation with steep cliffs. In olden times, it was called Yayama, or Ya Mountain.

The mountain occupies the northeastern corner of Yabahitahiko Quasi-National Park. Hachimen Mountain represents the town of Nakatsu, and relay antennas for local TV stations can be seen on its peak. The Konjiki Hot Springs are located at the foot of the mountain, while Yaba Ravine can be found in the surrounding area. The peak boasts a grand panoramic view of Toyomae and Nakatsu towns, along with the Suo Sea, Yamakuni River, and the rice paddies of the Nakatsu Plains.

Locals say that when returning from faraway lands, they do not feel entirely home until they see Hachimen Mountain. Hachimen Mountain has, and always will be, an inextricable part of the landscape of Nakatsu.

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Sankotaguchi-hachimensan, Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture, 871-0103
Hachimen Mountain

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