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Shirajigaku is a shrine ritual held in Kameoka Hachiman Shrine in Nakama, Yamakuni Town, Oita Prefecture. It is an intangible cultural asset designated by the town.

During the Nakama Autumn Festival, held in the shrine, kagura (Shinto music and dance) and the shirajigaku ritual are performed as dedications for prosperity and a rich harvest.

Shirajigaku is a dance for blocking kappa (water-imps) and its origin is said to date to the second year of the Genbun period (1737). For the main dance, four people dressed in red clothes with a kappa-beating motif, dance energetically while holding a large fan decorated with Chinese lions, peonies and dragons on a 'naka-murashi' background. This dance is reputed to have begun by Heike warriors who had fled here.

On the day of the festival in September, worshippers and many sightseers flock here with their cameras. Shirajigaku is a traditional festival that is cherished by the locals.

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130 Morizane, Yamakuni-cho, Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture, 871-0795
Nakatsu City Office

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