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城願寺 Jouganji Joganj Temple

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Joganji Temple, which belongs to Sodo sect, is located in Yugawara-machi, Kanagawa Pref. In the precinct of the temple are the main hall, the Shichiki-do hall, and the Gorinto (five wheeled pagoda). As this temple is the family temple of Sanehira Doi, the graves of his family are also located here. Sanehira was one of Yoritomo’s Shichiki (seven warriors), who contributed to restore Genji clan. He is known for saving Minamoto-no Yoritomo, who was defeated in the Battle of Ishibashiyama against Heike, from the chasing attack by Kagechika Oba on the Heike force. The juniper tree in the precinct is said to have been planted by Sanehira himself. This 800 year-old tree is the largest and the oldest tree in Kanagawa Pref. and designated as a Natural Protected Species. Its towering massive trunk is singular in the country. Legends concerning this temple may bring the visitors back to the past times of the Genpei Wars. Walking up the hillside behind the temple will lead you to Sanehira’s castle ruin, where you can command a panoramic view of Sagami Bay and Manazuru Peninsula.

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252 Sirohori, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, 259-0305
Joganj Temple

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