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雫石城 Shizukuishi-jou Shizukuishi Castle

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Shizukuishi castle is said to have been constructed by Tozawa clan of Shizukuishi as a lodgment of the South Imperial Court forces in around 1340 during the Nanboku-cho period. The castle stood at the front edge of the hill in the center of Shizukuishi Basin, which was the strategic spot of traffic for Dewa Province, with the Shizukuishi River running in the south and the Kanizawa River in the east. The four buildings of Honmaru (the main compound), Ninomaru (the second compound), Sannomaru (the third compound), and Nishikaku (the west compound) stood side by side from the east to the west. The size of Honmaru was 90 m east to west and 60 m south to north, fortified with yagenbori (mortar-shaped moat) which was 6 to 12 m wide and 2 to 5 m deep. There is a Hachimangu shrine which enshrines the guardian god of Shiba clan. The castle was attacked and captured by Nobunao Nanbu in 1586, and later abolished under the orders of Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1592.

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Higashisimomachi, Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate Prefecture, 020-0500
Shizukuishi Castle

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