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一尺八寸山 Miou-yama Mt. Mio

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Mt. Mio or sometimes called Mt. Miomo is located between Hita City and Yamakuni Town in Oita Pref. Written in Kanji, the name normally reads “isshaku-hassun-yama” literally meaning “54 cm mountain,” from which it is said to be the most difficult mountain name to read. Actually the mountain has a height of 706.7 m. There are many legends about the origin of this difficult name; one goes that once a local governor caught three wild bores and the total length of the tails was 54 cm. Another goes that there lived a large fox with the 54-cm tail. Considering the fact that there are many place with the name bearing the word “o” meaning a tail in Japanese around the mountain foot area such as Nagaono, Shigeo, Kumanoo, Asaono, and Futatsuo, there may be grain of truth in those stories. Mt. Mio is a slender tableland, the summit of which is covered with trees. On the summit stands a sign board with the words “The most difficult name to read in Japan.” Visitors can enjoy the view from the ridge short of the summit. You need to be careful in climbing this mountain because it has a deep bosom for its height.

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Hita, Oita Prefecture

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