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諏訪神社の大杉 Suwajinja-no-oosugi The Huge Cedar Tree at Suwa Shrine

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This huge cedar tree stands in the precinct of Suwa Shrine at Yamakuni-machi-Nakama in Nakatsu City, Oita Pref. There are many old and huge trees in this spacious shrine area with a width of 126 m and a depth of 180 m according to the ancient shrine record. Among them the cedar tree standing behind the main shrine is so remarkable that it is unparalleled in the northern part of the prefecture. The tree is presumably 500 years old, 9 m in circumference at the height of eye, 10 m in circumference at the bottom, and about 50 m in height. It is the second largest cedar tree after Oni-sugi (Demon Cedar Tree) in Mt. Hikosan, but some say it is the best in Kyushu in fineness of bark surface. Its imposing but elegant figure fascinates visitors. Some mysterious air flows around the tree as if a holy spirit resides in the tree. If you look up at the top of the tree, you will be overwhelmed by the branches strongly spreading out in all directions. This cedar tree was designated as a Specially Protected Tree by the prefecture in 1975.

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Nakama, Yamakuni-machi, Nakatsu, Ooita Prefecture, 871-0712
Nakatsu City Office, Yamakuni Branch, Industry Promotion Department, Tourism / Commerce & industry Division

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