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厳島神社(世界遺産) Itsukushima-jinjya(Sekai-isan) Itsukushima Shrine (World Heritage site)

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Itsukushima Shrine, set against islands in the Setonai Sea, whose wooden buildings are in the bay, is a very rare construction even in Japan. In the 12th century, Taira Kiyomori a military commander in the Heian period made the basis of the glorious shrine seen now. This initial building was burned down and in 1421 rebuilt.  Subsequently leaders continued to rebuild and restore many times and Itsukushima came to be the shrine you can see now.

Itsukushima Shrine is under a very severe environmental situation for a wooden building, being in the corrosive sea, but it has been preserved eagerly by successive governments. It is a very rare building preserved in a very traditional style.

The architectural style of the shrine embodies the feeling in the Heian period, when Kiyomori built it, and you can see many graceful curving lines. Technically it also introduced the style of 'Shinden-Zukuri' which were residences of the aristocracy in the Heian period.  The shrine is harmonized between a mixture of unconventional ideas and established style, which is very remarkable in Japan.

In 1996, Itsukushima Shrine was designated as a World Heritage site.

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〒739-0541 1-1 Miyajima town Hatsukaichi city Hiroshima prefecture
Itsukushima Shrine

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