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うちのこ紋 Uchinoko-mon Uchinoko Insignia

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Recently branding has been the focus of increased attention in popular media; now the focus has shifted from organizations to the individual, and we are all expected to have a brand!

Uchinoko-mon is a design agency who design not family insignia but personal insignia or logo. You can have your favorite painter design a special insignia, your unique brand to distinguish you in the modern world. They have various motif designs from plants and animals to portraits. While they inherit the tradition of Japanese insignia, their characteristic designs reflect a more contemporary take on modern aesthetic.

Uchinoko-mon also offer goods featuring personal insignia such as new year's cards or shop cards. You can also order stickers or labels for bottles.

Your personal insignia is the only one in the world. You can enjoy not only seeing it but using it and applying it for your personal branding needs.

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〒525-0032 Tuji-Daini Building 3rd floor 3-11 Daiji-2chome Kusatsu-city Shiga prefecture
Dejimamu Workers Ltd.

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"Nippon-kichi" leads you to places, people and things that reveal a certain Japanese aesthetic.

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