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拍子水 Hyoushi-mizu Hyoshimizu Spring

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This is a spring water in the precinct of Himekoso Shrine, or otherwise known as Akamizu Shrine, located on Himeshima Island, in Higashi-Kunisaki County, Oita Pref. This spring water is included in the Seven Wonders of Himeshima Island. The other six are Sakasa-yanagi (inverted willow tree), Kanetsuke-ishi Stone, Sennin-do Hall (a small Buddhist hall), Ukita (quaking rice paddy), Amida-kaki (oysters in the shape of Amida) and Uki-su (the shrine that is never covered with water even at high tide). Enshrined at Himekososha Shrine is Hime-gami (god’s princess), who ran away from Tsunuga Arashito, the prince of Gaya Confederacy. The legend has it that when the princess applied ohaguro (liquid to blackens the teeth) on her teeth and wanted to cleanse the mouth with water. Not being able to find any water around her, she clapped her hands and then water sprang out of the ground. So, this spring water is also called “Ohaguro Mizu (ohaguro water).” It is a hot spring of bicarbonate low temperature mineral spring. Visitors can take a bath in “Hyoshimizu Hot Spring.” There are two kinds of baths there; the cold spring and the hot spring, both of which are of light brown water. It is good for nerve pain, chronic gastroenteric diseases, and a cold constitution.

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Himeshima-mura, Higashi-kunisaki-gun, Oita Prefecture
Hyoshimizu Spring

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