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尾張七宝 Owari-shippou Owari Cloisonne

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Owari cloisonne is a traditional handicraft in Aichi Pref. The art made its start in the 1800s, when the local samurai, Tsunekichi Kaji found a plate in a ship from Holland and analyzed how it was made. He broke the plate into pieces, learned that it had a copper basis with glazed motifs outlined by inlayed metal wires, and finally succeeded in reproducing it. The technique he mastered had been first handed down to Shogoro Hayashi, a workman living in the present “Shippo-cho (cloisonne town).” Since then it has been handed down from generation to generation until the present time. The name “Shippo-cho” seems to represent the workmen’s passion for cloisonne. In cloisonne, copper instead of clay is used as the base material. The general method of making cloisonne involves first making a body with a copper plate and painting a pattern, then, soldering silver wires along the lines of the pattern. Next, colored enamels were filled in the cells partitioned by the wires, and finally it is fired. The main products are flower vases, photo frames, and ornament plates, each of which can be a collector’s item with elegance and gorgeousness.

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