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大分 観音滝 Ooita kannon-daki The Kannon Waterfall

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The Kannon Waterfall is located in Mt. Natsukiyama with an altitude of 1386 m in Oita and Miyazaki prefectures. Fujikawachi Stream flows out of this waterfall and runs 8 km through Fujikawachi Gorge down to Fujikawachi village. The Kannon Waterfall is a cataract with a height of 77 m and a width of 2 m. The cliff composed of red granite shows different appearances by the season, among which the frozen waterfall in winter is very impressive. The stream has a rapid current, which is typical to an upstream-typed valley. The current has created a lot of pot holes in various shapes like spiral, cotyloid, or streamline, which fascinate hikers. The gorge is rich in nature with azaleas and green leaves in spring and red leaves covering the mountain in autumn.

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Oita kannon-daki

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