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FROM JAPAN: a beautiful future

At Link Club, our focus has always been future-oriented. We have eagerly embraced new technologies that make the most of computers and the internet to allow us to express a vision of the future. We are part of a global network in which each individual can share the new world that will be tomorrow. But the question now arises: where do we go from here? This site is the Link Club’s attempt at an answer.

In Japanese, the name of this site is “Nippon-kichi”. You may already know that “Nippon” means Japan. “Kichi” is usually translated as good fortune but, as with many Japanese words, it is far easier to give a direct translation than it is to convey the subtlety of the intended meaning. However, we believe that a richer, happier – more fortunate – life ensues from the appreciation of beauty.

What is beauty? Something that is in the eye of the beholder? A thing of joy forever? The Japanese sense of beauty – utsukushii – is hard to define by any other word. But this site will attempt to explore it. It is our hope that our visitors will share information and opinions about what constitutes the Japanese aesthetic.

Around the world much attention has been paid to the Japanese sense of beauty. Ukiyoe (wood block prints), Kabuki and Noh (both forms of theatrical performance) have long been recognized as Japanese art forms, along with such practices as Za-zen, flower arrangement and the tea-ceremony. More recently, however, there has been an interest in the more mundane aspects of daily life where aesthetics play a part: the Japanese cuisine, sake, tatami mats and futon, yukata (the summer cotton kimono) and furoshiki (cloth wrapping) to name just a few. Here, simplicity and functionality co-exist with beauty at the highest levels.

“Nippon-kichi” aims to draw all of this together in one site.

The information on this site will cover a wide range of topics each of which will relate, in one form or other, to the Japanese sense of beauty: landscapes, architecture, arts and crafts; ornaments in everyday life, people who are national treasures, people who are simply beautiful, world heritage sites and the latest ideas. Visitors to the site will be able to switch easily between Japanese and English pages and we will actively encourage everyone from corporations to individuals to make their own contributions.

As ever, our aim is quality. The publishers of the site (Link Club) will ensure that editorial standards are of the highest standard. We invite submissions that meet those standards. Our aim is not simply to introduce aspects of Japanese culture – something that is done elsewhere – but to create a communications space in which people can share their own experiences of the sense of Japanese beauty.

Will you join us?


How to use this site

Navigating the site

There are three ways to navigate the site, via the search tool, categories and keywords.
  1. Search
    Typing in a word in the search box will return results from a search across the titles, articles and locations. From here you can delve deeper into the site and find examples of the Japanese sense of beauty related to your search.
  2. Find by category
    Categories loosely define the content into subject headings. You are encouraged to browse the list of categories, and as new categories are constantly being added, the chance of a serendipitous discovery of the beauty of Japan will grow.
  3. Find by keyword
    Keywords capture the essence of a topic within a subject area, and all the articles on this site have a number of assigned keywords. When you click on a keyword, you will be able to view the other articles that share the same keywords. By following the link through a keyword to other articles, you will find a new Japanese sense of beauty.

Examples of ways to enjoy this function.

How to use the Favorites function

What are Favorites?
By clicking on the Favorites button located below right, the article you are reading will be added to your Favorites in the menu located on the right. You can add up to 20 articles to your Favorites. The Favorites function allows you to access and change your favorite articles at ease, making your experience here even more enjoyable and accessible.

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How to use the Keywords Search function

All of the articles here at our site are complemented by keywords related to that article. Enter any word that interests you, and press the Search button to find any articles with that keyword. If the entered word is in Japanese, the result will only be for articles in Japanese. Likewise, if the entered word is in English, the resulting articles will only be in English. Click the Clear button to delete your search results. Choose what you want to learn or read about, and enjoy your experience here at Nippon-kichi.

Making a submission

We hope everyone will make submissions to the site. We welcome ideas from both individuals and companies. You can nominate your own work or creations, or you can recommend anything that you feel fulfils our mission of exploring the Japanese sense of beauty. Everyone can join our community for no charge.

The site covers a wide range of subject matter including landscapes, buildings, traditional work, arts and crafts, functional items and products, accessories, Living National Treasures, World Heritage sites, and even innovative modern ideas or concepts that encompass the Japanese sense of beauty. Our goal is to let everyone know more about the Japanese sense of beauty and therefore make our world a richer place.

Some examples of Japanese beauty:
  • Creations, designs or projects undertaken by Japanese people.
  • Items manufactured in Japan
  • Examples of the richness and vibrancy of Japanese culture
Please make your submission by clicking the “Submit” button.*

* If you submit an article but would like to correct or retract it please contact us so we can fix the problem.


We will send you occasional emails with updates and the latest information on Nippon-kichi. Please go to the "Updates" page to subscribe (free of charge).

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User Agreement

By using the services provided by Link Club on the Nippon-kichi website (hereafter the “Services”), Users are agreeing to the following terms (hereafter the “Agreement”):


The Services are defined as: publishing on the site Japanese and English articles based on information submitted by Users under the conditions set forth by Link Club, using the selection method determined by Link Club; setting up keywords; selecting images and determining layout, and allowing free, worldwide access to the site. Users accept that some information may take a long time to be published or may not be published at all.


Users agree to submit their recommendations only after they have read, understood and accepted the Agreement set forth by Link Club. Recommendations may pertain to self or others, and Users agree that the submitted information can be used on the Nippon-kichi website and other media published by Link Club, including advertisements.


All Users, whether self-recommended or recommended by others, including both individuals and companies, can use the Services without any charge.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Knowingly submitting false information
  • Submitting information against the public order and standards of decency
  • Committing any act that violates any laws or the Agreement
  • Sending harmful computer programs, components or viruses
  • Committing any act that Link Club determines to be unsuitable for the user

Copyright and Privacy:

All information and content used as part of the Services is the property of Link Club except any content which has already been copyrighted by others. The Japanese Personal Information Protection Law will be applied to protect the User’s privacy.


  1. Link Club will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the use of the Services, or caused by their delay, change, cancellation or termination, whether direct or indirect.
  2. Link Club makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to the information obtained by Users through the Services.

In order to provide a better service, Link Club reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement at any time.

If you do not want to grant to Link Club the rights set out above, please do not use the Services outlined in this Agreement.


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