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三島池 Mishimaike Mishima Pond

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Mishima Pond is a reservoir created 700 years ago for agricultural purposes and is located in Maibara, Shiga prefecture. The pond is elliptical with a perimeter of 780m and a total area of 39000㎡. There is a deep relationship between the pond and Mishima shrine.

Since ancient times, the pond has been something of a nature reserve for birds, animals, fish and shellfish. The water is fresh and cold with a depth of about 50cm. The pond is a habitat for various waterbirds and a resting stop for migrating birds.

Miyashima Pond is also called Hiyashi Pond after a legend that a woman named Hiyashagozen heard a prophecy of her death and drowned herself here to stop a drought. It is believed that before her sacrifice, she was weaving. To this day, people say that on rainy nights the sound of her weaving can be heard.

The lake is also a site for cherry-blossoms. In April, the magnificent harmony of blossoms and Mt Ibuki can be seen reflected in the lake.
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