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十二滝 Jyuunitaki Junitaki Waterfall

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Junitaki Waterfall consists of 12 (juni) stages, and is fed by the waters of the headstream of the Aizawa River. It is near the town of Hirata, in Higashida-gun, Yamagata prefecture. It is known as one of the three major waterfalls of Akumi.

The waterfall is situated at the western foot of Mt. Kyogakura and is about 30m high. Each of the 12 stages has a name, such as 'Long-Nosed Goblin (Tengu) Waterfall', 'Snake Waterfall' and 'Riverbank Waterfall'.

Since ancient times, waterfalls have been used as ascetic training places for esoteric Buddhists, who believe that exposure to the water helps to purify the mind and body and enable them to gain spiritual power. Deities like Fudo or Benten are often found enshrined near waterfalls.

In autumn, the leaves around Junitaki turn red, and the combination of their varying colors is very beautiful. In winter, there is a feeling of austerity as the water flows continuously surrounded by white snow.

Yamagata prefecture has about 230 or 10% of all the waterfalls in Japan, making it the prefecture with the highest number of waterfalls in the country.
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法然院 Hounen-in Honen-in Temple

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Honen-in is a temple located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. In the early Edo period, in 1680, Banbu Shonin of Chio-in conceived the construction of this temple in memory of Hone Shonin. Banbu's disciple, Nincho Osho, carried out its construction.

The temple stands deep in the mountains behind a gate. In a word, it is 'simple'. But once you enter the temple, you will feel a taste and elegance quite different from the outside. After passing through the gate, rectangular sandhills called 'White Sand Dan' will appear on either side. There is a narrow path between them. 'Suna Dan' stands for 'water', so you will purify your mind and body by passing between them.

There is a camellia garden in the north part of the main building and three major camellias are planted here. In fact, Honen-in is known as 'camellia temple' and a beautiful camellia carpet appears in the temple when the camellia shed their flowers in the middle of April.

The red leaves of autumn look well-balanced and the red leaves on the circular sand pools in the stone garden look especially beautiful.
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