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雪見船 Yukimisen Snow-Appreciation Ship

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A high-speed ship called the 'Rio Grande' cruises between Otsu on the south side of Lake Biwa, to Nagahama in the north. It is also known as the 'snow-appreciation ship' because in winter, beautiful views of Lake Biwa can be enjoyed.

Winter cruises are held at the same time as the Nagahama Bonsai Apricot Exhibition, a feature of early spring on Lake Biwa, and are available until the beginning of March (the day before the opening of Lake Biwa).

On 5th May, 1980, Shiga Prefecture and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil established a sister relationship because both cities feature lakes: Biwa Lake in Japan and Lake Pattos in Brazil. At that time, the cruise ship was named Rio Grande, which means 'big river'.

The ship is warm inside and there are comfortable seats for 2-8 persons on the first and second decks. The beautiful winter scenery includes views of the snowy lake. A commentary is also given on the fish, birds, history and specialties of Lake Biwa.

It took about two hours to cruise one-way, including various stops along the way. You can have a leisurely time and stay in hotels near the lake or take the opportunity to go to other events.
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