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由布川渓谷 Yufugawa-keikoku Yufu River Valley

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Yufu River Valley is a beauty spot in Higashiyama and lies between Beppu and Hasama in Yufu, Oita Prefecture.

Prefectural Highway 601 runs for 12 kilometers from Beppu to Yufu through the valley, which is lined with 60m cliffs.

More than 40 waterfalls run down the rock in various places, and there are some 100 inlets, big and small, that produce a mysterious beauty, lending this area the nickname Eastern Tirol. Over time, the Yufu River has eroded a path through the Yufu Tsurumi Mountains to form this valley. The gently curving rockface is unique.

Each year, on the second Sunday of July, Yufu City and Hasama Town hold the Yufu River Valley Festival. The festival is held as a prayer for the people's safety and locals enjoy traditional dancing and music as well as a treasure hunt.

Yufu River Valley is a wonderful scenic area with extraordinary cliffs and waterfalls.
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