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禿岳 Kamuro-dake Mt. Kamurodake

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Mt. Kamurodake located almost in the middle of the Ou Mountain Range and at the southern end of Kurikoma Quasi-National Park is a beautiful granite mountain, which is 1,262 m above sea level. It is also called Mt. Kokaburayama. From its magnificent ridge line running north to south in the border of Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures, it is counted as one of the 100 Fine Mountains in the Tohoku region.

Mt. Kamurodake provides climbers with fascinating climbing routes that include the precipitous cliff on the eastern side. Being called “Little Tanigawadake,” its steep appearance challenges climbers to get to the summit.

As the highest mountain in the outer rim of Onikobe Caldera, its summit commands a wonderful panoramic view including Mt. Kamuroyama, the main peak of the Kamuro Mountain Range, in the west and Mt. Chokai and Mt. Kurikoma in the east. Climbers will forget all the fatigue felt on the way.

Mt. Kamurodake can give the climbers double pleasures; fascinating climbing and wonderful view.
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