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犀川 Saigawa Sai River

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Sai River is a class B river that runs through Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture. The entire length of the river is 34.25km.

A poet and writer, Murou Saisei was born near the river. Sai of Saisei, who wrote the poem 'Sai River' is said to have come from Sai River.

There are two beautiful rivers in Kanazawa: Asano River in the north and Sai River in the south. Izumi Kyoka mentioned Asano River as a 'woman river' in her novel 'Woman of Yuki'. Sai River is sometimes called 'man river'. Sai River is also known as Chrysanthemum Water River.

In the early Edo period, water was brought from the headstream of Sai River to the city center. This is called the Tatsumi water diversion and is still used today. It plays an important role as a water source for Kanazawa people and has been loved for many years. Sai River is an essential part of the Kanazawa people's life.
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安土・八幡の水郷 Azuchi・Hachiman-no-Suigou Azuchi-Hachiman's Waterfront

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There are eight famous major scenic sights in Shiga prefecture. They achieved their fame in particular because they were depicted in famous woodblock prints by Ando Hiroshige in the Edo period.

The eight famous scenic sights are mainly located to the south of Lake Biwa, rather than around the whole lake. In 1950, when Lake Biwa was designated as a National Park, the eight major scenic spots were selected from all the scenery in the district.

One of these scenic spots is the waterfront leading to Nishi Lake from Azuchi to Omi-Hachiman. The maze-like waterfront is located in the middle of Shiga prefecture, to the east of Biwa Lake, and surrounded by peaceful fields and a heavy growth of reed. The waterfront reflects each season, and you enter another world where you can forget the daily noise.

If you take the waterfront tour, which is an imitation of Oda Nobunaga's sailing boat, many wild birds will welcome you with their lovely songs.
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