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城ヶ島 Jougashima Jogashima Island

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Jogashima is a small island located near Misaki port, in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture, at the southern edge of the Miura Peninsula.

Jogashima features rock strata that is ten million years old. The island is long and narrow from east to west (1.8km), 4 km around and covers a total area of 0.99m2. It is the biggest natural island in Kanagawa Prefecture and faces the Pacific to the south and Misaki fishing port to the north.

The island is just like a natural stratum museum; many changes in the earth's crust have led to curved, sharp and shifted strata that are exposed in different areas around the island.

There are many sightseeing spots on Jogashima, such as a tablet incised with the poetry of Kitahara Hakushu, Jogashima Park (one of the 50 major parks), narcissi (one of Japan's top 100 sites for flowers), Umiu Observation Deck, the cave entrance of Umanose, Jogashima lighthouse, Aburatsubo Gulf (one of 50 scenes), Awazaki lighthouse and Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park.

Jogashima is small but full of sightseeing places and with a long history, too.
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和賀江嶋 Waka-enoshima Waka-enoshima

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Waka-enoshima is located in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, and is Japan's oldest harbor. The city of Kamakura was utilized as a port during the Kamakura period, and was bustling with merchant ships from all over Japan and China. Yet, due to the shallowness of the port for a considerable distance from shore, many ships found it inconvenient to unload, while some were shipwrecked due to carelessness.

During the first year of the Jyoei era (1232), the monk O-amidabutsu was granted permission by Masatoki Hojo to lay down Izu rocks in the water as a foundation for a man-made harbor island. A temple called the Gokuraku Temple was later built on top of it to manage the harbor. This was the start of the oldest harbor in Japan, Waka-enoshima.

The island was later used as a port during the Edo period, but due to numerous earthquakes and erosion, only a large mound of rocks can be seen during low tide now. Pieces of old ceramic pottery dating back to former trading days, as well as tidal pool sea organisms can be found on the island.

Waka-enoshima is a monument that reminds visitors of the glory of the Kamakura period.
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鷲羽山 Washu-zan Mt Washu

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Mt Washu is located in Shimotsuitanoura, Kurashiki district, Okayama Prefecture. More precisely, it lies at the southern tip of the Kojima peninsula.

It is called Mt 'Washu' because, from the northeast side, it resembles an eagle ('washi') spreading its wings. The mountain is famous for its view of islands and the Seto Ohashi Bridge in the Seto Inland Sea. Even Nanba Tendo, a haiku poet, claims: 'I want the whole mountain as a souvenir.'

At night the Seto Ohashi Bridge is illuminated making a fascinating sight. In clear weather the mountains of Shikoku, on the opposite shore, can be seen from the observatory tower. In 1934 Mt Washi was designated as the Setonaikai National Park and in 2004 it was selected as a special region within the park.
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