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眉山 Bizan Mount Bizan

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Mount Bizan has an altitude of 290m and is located in Tokushima district, Tokushima prefecture. The name 'Bizan' derives from its eyebrow-like appearance.

It is a symbol for Tokushima district and it appears in many local school songs. The mountain is also famous for cherry-blossoms. The crest is known as the place where Man'yō songs were sung from by the Man'yō singer Fune no ou.

From here, there is a panoramic view of Tokushima. When the weather is fine, Awaji Island and Kii mountain range in Wakayama prefecture can also be seen. It is also famous for its night view.

Haruni Shrine and Yakushi Temple are situated at the foot of the mountain. At the summit is a nature interaction facility, a monument to the Meiji Emperor, a memorial pagoda ((Myanmar tower) to the war dead, and the Toyohiko Kagawa literary monument. The whole area is set aside as parkland and is a hidden landmark.
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