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天狗塚 Tenguzuka Tenguzuka Mountain

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Tenguzuka is a mountain that is 1812m above sea level and is located in Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture. The mountain rises between the Ushinose and the Tengu mountain path (a.k.a. Izari path). It is counted as one of the 88 scenes of Tokushima, selected by the Tokushima Tourist Association and the Tokushima Shimbun Press.

On the slopes of the mountain can be seen panoramic views of azalea, broadleaf forests of 'dakekannba' trees, and coniferous forests of 'urajiromomi' trees, with no large trees blocking the view.

Other views include the mountain ridge called Ushinose, which is close to the top of the mountain and provides one of the best views. From here, a green carpet can be observed as far as the eye can see. Therefore, it is called the 'Japanese garden above the clouds'.

There is also a fine view from the top of the mountain. From here, you can see other 1500-m-high mountains of Shikoku, such as Mount Miune. When the weather is clear, it is possible to see Mount Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in Shikoku, and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Tenguzuka is a mountain where you can observe many beautiful scenes.
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支笏湖 Shikotsuko Lake Shikotsu

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Lake Shikotsu in Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido is Japan’s second largest caldera lake with a circumference of 42 km. It was formed as the result of an volcanic eruption about 32,000 years ago. With the average water temperature of 3.6 degrees, it is Japan’s coldest ice-free lake. It is also one of the most transparent lakes in Japan and is the second deepest lake, after Lake Tazawa, with a maximum depth of 363 m, which is 115 deepr than the sea level. The lake is surrounded by the 1,000-meter-class mountains including Mt. Eniwadake, Mt. Fuppushidake and Mt. Tarumae.

Around the lake spread the deep green virgin forests of broad-leaved deciduous trees such as maple (Acer mono) and oak and conifer trees such as Jezo spruce. It is also a popular spot for bird watching. Wild birds such as great spotted woodpeckers and black woodpeckers can be seen.

In contrast to the bustle of the streets in Toyako hot spring town, here, everything is in the deep tranquility of the unexplored forests.
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小代渓谷 Ojiro-keikoku Ojiro Gorge

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Ojiro Gorge is located in Kami-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Pref. which is on Route 482 connecting Ojiro-ku in Kami-cho and Wakasa-cho, Tottori Pref. The gorge is known for its beautiful primary forest. The Yokotani River, which flows out of Mt. Akakura, has created a deep-cleft valley with waterfalls and rapid streams. One of such waterfalls is a straight and dynamic waterfall of the Uodome Watefall, which has a height of 10 m. In the season of fresh greenery, leaves leaning over the waterfall create a fine view. Broad leaf trees like beech trees and flowers of azalea and Vaccinium japonicum color up the gorge from season to season. The stream runs through the gorge is known for a good fishing spot for Yamame (Oncorhynchus Sakuramasu) and Amago (Oncorhynchus Satsukimasu).
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キサギ淵 Kisagi-futi Kisagi Basin

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The Kisagi Basin is a bizarrely shaped shoal, located in the Sasano ravine in Kamitsue-machi, Hita, Oita Prefecture. The strangely shaped rocks and the massive rocks of the Hoshihara layer, which completely change the flow of the river, created the ravines near the Kantani Bridge. This bridge spans the middle reaches of the Kawahara River.

The natural landscape of the basin, which is some 20m wide, possesses a mysterious beauty. Its colors change subtly and marvellously with each season. Besides conifers, there are various broadleaf trees, such as chestnut, dogwood, soyogo and azebi, that enclose the Kisagi Basin, giving it the wonderful appearance of a botanical garden. The ambience of the Kisagi Basin becomes more vibrant in the autumn as the red leaves on the riverbank glow elegantly in the sunlight.

The Kisagi Basin is a lovely place, giving visitors a sense of joy, tranquility and harmony with nature.
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Results 1 - 4 of 4 articles          
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