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喜如嘉の芭蕉布 Kijoka-no-basyoufu Kijoka Bashofu Textile

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Kijoka bashofu is one of the oldest handwoven textiles of Okinawa. It is mainly woven in Kijoka, and is a representative textile of Okinawa.
   It is believed that bashofu was already being made in the C13th, although it was not until the modern era that it became more widely used.
   Wives and daughters wove the cloth for their families, and created the thread from the plantain trees (basho) cultivated in their yards and fields. Even though cotton had become common in the C19th, basho was still popular among the local people.
   Kijoka bashofu still carries on this tradition. In 1974, it was designated an Important Intangible Cultural Asset (group category).
   The bashofu cloth is unique in its lightness and smoothness. The airy light fabric is perfect for the hot subtropical climate of Okinawa. Today, it is a widely-favored textile.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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