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比木神社 Hiki-jinja Hiki Shrine

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It is said that several members of the royalty and high-ranked warriors of Baekje, an ancient kingdom located in southwest Korea, came to Japan in exile after they were defeated by the alloed forces of Tang and Silla. One of them Prince Fukuchi (in Japanese) arrived at Kaguchiura in present Takanabe Town in 660 and lived in the town of Kijo. The place where his house was located was called Hiki (火棄) by local people.

Tough unable to understand their language, local people respected the prince and his retainers, who had high level of knowledge. After the prince died, he was enshrined as Hiki Daimyojin. In 852, the kanji representing its name were changed to “比木” and Hiki Shrine was established.

Prince Fukuchi at Hiki Shrine and his father, Prince Teika enshrined at Mikado Shrine meet each other once a year at Shiwasu Festival of Hiki Shrine. It is a Shinto ritual to console the princes and their royal retainers, who had to leave their homeland and lost their lives in a foreign country.
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琉球王朝絵巻行列 Ryuukyuu-ouchou-emaki-gyouretu The Ryukyu Kingdom Royal Procession

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The Ryukyu Kingdom Royal Procession is the main feature of the Shurijo castle festival, a major prefectural event held in the city of Naha. The procession re-enacts the arrival at Ryukyu of various emissaries from the Imperial Chinese court.

1,300 people participate in the event, including the people playing the roles of the Ryukyu king and queen and the Ming and Qing emissaries, plus the troupes of traditional performing actors dressed in elegant costumes playing 'rujigaku' and other classical music genres. They parade gravely along Kokusai-dori, the central thoroughfare of Naha city.

To increase the liveliness of the event, the parade includes many entertainers. All participants are chosen from the public. During the festival, traditional performing arts are presented at the stage inside the castle of Shurijo.

The Ryukyu Kingdom Royal Procession is a gorgeous and spectacular parade. It is a festival of history and fantasy that makes you feel as if you had slipped into the times of the Ryukyu kingdom.
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