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津軽焼 Tsugaru-yaki Tsugaru Ware

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Tsugaru ware is the oldest pottery in Tohoku Region, originates in Hirashimizu Ware, Osawa Ware, Shimokawara Ware and Akudo Ware, all of which were established by the potters who were mustered by the fourth lord of Tsugaru province in the Edo period. The first kiln was established in 1691 to make needed goods and supplies for the province. Those kilns came to be disused after the abolition of Tsugaru province and finally all the kilns were closed in the Taisho period. However in 1936, it was redeveloped and hitherto handed down. It is characterized by the use of apple glaze that is made from the ash of apple tree bark and Tenmokuyu (black glaze) as well as its distinctive color that creates simple but artistic atmosphere. They also use the technique to paint the patterns such as Camellia japonica, Japanese apricot, maple trees or landscape scenery.
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津軽竹籠 Tsugaru-takekago Tsugaru Bamboo Baskets

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Tsugaru bamboo basket is a traditional handicraft of Aomori Pref. Its unique network is very impressive. This handwork has a history of about 200 years, but mass production of the baskets started only after this region established itself as a producing district of apples and a large quantity of baskets were needed for apple crops. The basket is made of durable Chinese zasa (Sasa kurilensis) obtained at the foot of Mt. Iwaki and Mt. Hakkoda in this region. Its network features the rustic appearance created by typically hexagon large meshes. At present not only apple baskets but also many other items such as baskets in a bowl shape or fruit baskets, which are favored as folk crafts. Its utility as daily goods and beauty as traditional handicraft are highly estimated and the craft was designated a prefectural Traditional Craft Product.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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