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太平庵酒蔵資料館 Taiheian-shuzou-shiryoukan Taiheian Sake Brewery Museum

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Taiheian is a Japanese soba noodle restaurant in Taku City, Saga Pref., which has been engaged in soba making in this city for over 30 years. The raw noodles at Taiheian are made out of buckwheat flour of dark type and fine natural water as the binder. Tsuyu (dipping sauce) are made of broth that is made from mackerels in Kyushu and dried bonito and hon-kaeshi, which is a kind of concentrated sauce. As it had been in the business of sake brewing since 1868, the techniques of sake making are applied to the present tsuyu making process. In the premise of the restaurant, Taiheian Sake Brewery Museum is located. It was designated as a national Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property. The precious old sake brewing facilities and tools of Kinoshita Sake Brewery are preserved and displayed. When you walk inside, the antique atmosphere will make you feel as if went back to the Meiji period and you will hear the tojis (brewers) singing sake-making songs.
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