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樫原湿原 Kashibaru-Shitsugen Kashibaru Marsh

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All around is a sea of green, with a path crossing through the middle. This is Kashibaru Marsh, located among  the Sefuri Mountains in Saga Prefecture, and famous for its grand view known as 'Oze in Kyushu' (Oze is a famous beauty spot).
   The total area of this marsh is as much as 8 hectares, making it the biggest marsh in Kyushu. The marsh is formed in a basin among mainly granite hills, and its soil is a layer of clay.
   About 60 kinds of rare marsh plants are native to this marsh, including bogbean, pogonia and fringed orchid. They come out in all seasons so whenever you visit, you can enjoy beautiful flowers. You can also see the Haccho-dragonfly, the smallest dragonfly in Japan.
   In 1976, the marsh was designated as Saga Natural Environment Protected Area and has been carefully protected as Kyushu's main reserve for marsh plants and insects.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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