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二越縮緬 Futakoshi-chirimen Futakoshi Chirimen Crepe

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Futakoshi chirimen, also called ancient chirimen, is one of traditional fabrics that have been handed down in Japan for years.
Chirimen is white crepe cloth produced in the Tango region of Kyoto and the Nagahama region of Shiga. Most kimonos are made with this white chirimen which is then dyed to create beautiful kimono colors.
Chirimen is made by first scouring silkworm thread and then twisting about 18 to 27 of these threads into one thread.
There are two kinds of chirimen depending on the method of weaving. For Hitokoshi chirimen, one thread is twisted from the right and the next one from left, and these are alternated in the weaving process.   Futakoshi chirimen uses two threads instead of one and it has a more uneven surface than Hitokoshi.
Most of the chirimen made from the Edo period to the Meiji period was futakoshi chirimen.  After the end of the Meiji period, however, the weaving of chirimen started to wane and it is hardly made now.
Futakoshi chirimen is soft and airy and it has good ventilation. It is also light weight and has elasticity. It is a silk fabric that keeps the look and feel of authentic chirimen.
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丹後ちりめん Tangochirimen Tango Crepe

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Tango crepe ('chirimen') is a white fabric that features a special crimping method called 'shibo', made by twisting the threads over a thousand times. It is manufactured on the Tango peninsula on the northern coast of Kyoto prefecture.
   The 'shibo' fold is made by wrinkling the cloth over 3,000 times. In tango crepe, the fold is crucial: firstly, it subdues the brightness of the silk and adds warmth; secondly, it gives a willowy touch, a result of the damp climate of the area; finally, it creates a fantastically white fabric that responds well to dyeing.
   Tango crepe is a luxury article due to the high quality of material used and for the precision of its technique. It has a great reputation as a top-quality silk fabric.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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