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法然院 Hounen-in Honen-in Temple

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Honen-in is a temple located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. In the early Edo period, in 1680, Banbu Shonin of Chio-in conceived the construction of this temple in memory of Hone Shonin. Banbu's disciple, Nincho Osho, carried out its construction.

The temple stands deep in the mountains behind a gate. In a word, it is 'simple'. But once you enter the temple, you will feel a taste and elegance quite different from the outside. After passing through the gate, rectangular sandhills called 'White Sand Dan' will appear on either side. There is a narrow path between them. 'Suna Dan' stands for 'water', so you will purify your mind and body by passing between them.

There is a camellia garden in the north part of the main building and three major camellias are planted here. In fact, Honen-in is known as 'camellia temple' and a beautiful camellia carpet appears in the temple when the camellia shed their flowers in the middle of April.

The red leaves of autumn look well-balanced and the red leaves on the circular sand pools in the stone garden look especially beautiful.
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