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長柄神社 Nagara-jinjya Nagara Shrine

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Nagara Shrine lies at the crossroads between Nagara Pathway (east-west) and Mizukoshi Pathway (north-south), at the foot of Mt Katsuragi, Nara Prefecture.

Nagara Shrine is also called Hime-no-Miya and enshrines the deity Shitateru Hime No Mikoto. The age of the shrine is unknown but it is mentioned in the 'Engishiki Jinmyo Notebook. Also, dating to 680,  the 'Nihonshoki' records that: 'Some horse will be bestowed to this shrine for archery'.

The main building of Nagara Shrine is designated as an important cultural asset of the prefecture. It is covered with Japanese 'kaya' and the patterns drawn on the ceilings are colorful. The area still has an ambience of old Nagara and it is a place where people can take a rest.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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