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主計町茶屋街 Kazuemachi-chayagai Kazue-machi Teahouse Streets

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The three major teahouse streets in Kanazawa are Higashi, Nishi and Kazue-machi. While Higashi-machi and Nishi-machi were built in the Kaga Domain area, in the third year of the Bunsei period (1820), Kazue-machi was established in the second year of the Meiji period (1869).
   Kazue-machi is located to the southwest of the Asano River, between Asanokawa Ohashi Bridge and Naka-no Bridge; Higashi-machi is located to the northeast of Ohashi Bridge; and Nishi-machi to the south.
   While Higashi is the most prestigious and the biggest, Kazue is beautifully sited next to the Asano River and is highly valued as 'small Kyoto'.  Bars and restaurants secretly display a store curtain or shop sign, making them the place known only to connoisseurs.
   On spring nights, cherry blossoms are reflected in the river, creating views beyond description.  In fact, Kazue-machi is beautiful in any season.
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