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三線づくり Sansin-zukuri Sanshin Craft

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The sanshin (the Ryukyu shamisen) is a chordophone with three strings, used widely in Okinawa prefecture and the Amami area of Kagoshima prefecture.
   Sanshin has its roots in the Chinese three-stringed sanxian instrument. It is said that the sanshin was introduced to the city of Sakai in the 16th century. The Japanese shamisen developed from this.
   Sanshins are products of skilled craftsmanship. Authentic sanshins can only be made by the professionals. However, places that introduce Okinawan culture may have classes that teach kankara sanshin craft.
   Kankara sanshin were first made in the period after the Second World War, when the traditional materials to make sanshin were unavailable. Kankara sanshin is a kind of substitute model using empty tin cans for the main body.
   Kankara sanshin can be easily made by anyone, and have been recently introduced in school lessons. It is also becoming popular for tourists to make them as a souvenir.
   Sanshin is the instrument that bests represents Okinawan music. It is the heart of Okinawa that makes you relax、just by hearing at it.
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