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楽古岳 Rakko-dake Mt. Rakkodake

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Mt. Rakkodake (1,471 m) is the main peak of the southern Hidaka Mountain Range. It is counted as one of 100 Fine Mountains in Hokkaido. “Rakko” means “a sea otter” in the Ainu language, but why this mountain was named so is unknown. Having a beautiful conical shape, the mountain is easily identified among other mountains in the Hidaka Mountain Range.

Climbers had to take the steep climbing trail along the Menashunbetsu River to get to the ridge until Rakko Sanso (mountain hut) was constructed at the starting point of the trail up the mountain in 1996. As the road to the mountain hut from the national road was set up, you can now get to the summit in a short time without so much difficulty, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountain streams.

The summit is bold but covered with cute flowers of Miyamakinbai (Potentilla matsumurae Th. Wolf) in summer. You can command a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed on a fine day.
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幌尻岳 Poroshiri-dake Mt. Poroshiri

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Mt. Poroshiri (2,052 m) is in Biratori Town in southern Hokkaido. It is a part of Hidaka-Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park and is counted as one of Japan’s 100 Fine Mountains. As is named “Poroshiri,” meaning “a huge mountain” in the Ainu language, it is the highest mountain in the Hidaka Mountain Range, which is called “the spine of Hokkaido.” The mountain was formed by the elevation of the seabed about 1,300 years ago and long-period erosion by rain, snow and wind has created its rugged peaks. The top of the mountain commands a panoramic view of Hidaka mountains, which are overlapping with one another and continue far and wide.

The mountain is the treasure trove of flora and fauna including many species of alpine plants that come into bloom and form a field of flowers in July, Japanese pikas and black woodpeckers.

On the side of the mountain are three cirques named Nanatsunuma Cirque, Kita Cirque and Higashi Cirque, which are amphitheatre-like valleys, or valley heads, formed at the head of a glacier by erosion. The largest Nanatsunuma Cirque has seven ponds, which can be seen only in the snow melting season.
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