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宇太水分神社 Uda-mikumari-jinjya Uda Mikumari Shrine

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The Uda Mikumari Shrine is located in Utano-ku, Uda, in Nara Prefecture. It is an ancient shrine with a tradition stating that it was founded during the Emperor Sujin era.

Uda Mikumari Shrine is also the East Shrine of the four Daiwa Yoshinomikumari Shrines described in the 'Engishiki Jinmyocho', along with the Katsuragi Mikumari Shrine, the Tsuge Mikumari Shrine, and the Yoshino Mikumari Shrine.

The shrine is deified along the Yoshino River at three points: the Upper Shrine (Yoshino), Middle Shrine (Furuichiba) and Lower Shrine (Shimoidani). The enshrined deities at these shrines are the Amenomikumarinokami, Kuninomikumarinokami and the Hayaakitsuhikonokami, all of which are water gods.

The main shrine (Furuichiba) is made in an Ikenshakasugazukuri Hiwadabuki style, accompanied by the vermilion-painted Mikumari connection structure, making it a national treasure. Kasuga and Munakata shrines are also deified along with Furuichiba. The vermilion-painted main shrine casts light on the 500-year-old cedar tree, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere.

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244-3 Furuichiba, Utano-ku, Uda, Nara Prefecture, 633-2226
Uda Mikumari Shrine

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