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南部裂織 Nanbu-sakiori Nambu Sakiori

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Nambu Sakiori is a weaving technique handed down in Nambu district, Aomori Pref. It was designated a prefectural Traditional Craft Product. In the Edo period (1603−1867), when the clothes were very precious, Sakiori weaving was developed as a kind of recycling technique by which outworn old cloth was torn into thread and weave it as a new cloth by a hand loom. This durable and warm cloth is characterized by the colorful and complex texture. The women living in the north land might have wished to bring bright colors into a dark and cold room. The Sakiori woven cloth was originally used for making coverlets for a kotatsu (heater-table) or obi (a sash belt), but now in the modern life it is also used for many daily items such as table cloth and bags.

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