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生石高原 Oishi-kougen Oishi Highland

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Oishi Highland is located near the top of Mt. Oishigamine (870 m) in Wakayama Pref. Mt. Oishigamine is a part of the Nagamine mountains and it is counted as one of Japan’s 100 Fine Mountains.
From the mountain top, you can command a panoramic view of Kii mountains and Kii Cannel over the streets in Wakayama City on a fine day. The highland is a popular place for hiking but you can drive to the parking lot just below the summit and enjoy easy walking. In fall, Japanese pampas grass grows in clusters in this gentle meadow. A lot of hikers come to see this pampas grass field covered with swinging golden ears.

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Nakada, Kimino-cho, Kaiso-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan 640-1114
Oishi Highland

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