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磐船神社 Iwafune-jinjya Iwafune Shrine

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Iwafune Shrine is in Kisaichi, Katano City, Osaka pref. The enshrined deities is Nigihayahi no Mikoto. The Goshintai (symbol of divinity) is a big rock with a length of 18 m and a height of 12 m, which looks like a ship. The place where the shrine is located was thought to be Ikaruga-mine (the peak where the god descended). According to the legend, Nigihayahi no Mikoto, the founding father of the Mononobe clan, flew from the heaven in this rock ship named “Ama no Iwafune,” glided over the edge of the low mountains extending like a tongue and descended at this place. Another story about this rock is that Kato Kiyomasa once tried to move this rock to use as the material for stone walls of Osaka Castle, but he couldn’t and gave it up. In front of Goshintai, the Haiden hall (oratory) stands as if it carries the divine rock on its back. In the precinct are a holy rock cave formed by numerous huge rocks and many Buddhist images carved on the rocks. Iwafune Shrine is also known as the guardian god of safe navigation. This is the place where the ancient religious style has been kept for a long time.

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9-19-1 Kisaichi, Katano, Osaka Prefecture, japan 576-0033
Iwafune Shrine

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