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生石神社 Oushiko-jinjya Ohshiko Shrine

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Ohshiko Shrine is located in Takasago City, Hyogo Pref. The enshrined Goshintai (the honored god body) is the enormous stone called “Ishi no Hoden (the Stone Treasure Hall),” which is counted as one of the 3 wonders of Japan together with Shiogama Shrine in Miyagi Pref. and “Amano-saka-Hoko” in Miyazaki Pref. As it looks as though it is floating in a pond, is also called the “Uki-Ishi (floating stone)”. Who made this stone and why was it erected here are still unknown today. The shrine is said to have been built during the reign of Emperor Sujin (B.C. 97-30). The legend has it that when an epidemic prevailed in the country, the two deities residing in this holy stone appeared in the emperor’s dream and said, “If you enshrine us, the country will be secured.” From the top of the mountain where the shrine is located, you can command a panoramic view of Harima Plain including Himeji Castle. Crimson foliage along the front approach is beautiful in fall. A lot of people visit the shrine at the annual autumnal festival in October, in which the two mikoshi (portable shrines) are gallantly hit against each other.

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171 Ooshiko, Amida-cho, Takasago, Hyougo Prefecture 676-0823
Oshiko Shrine

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