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東麓石窟仏 Higashifumoto-Sekkutsubutsu Higashifumoto Stone Cave Buddha

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Higashifumoto Stone Cave Buddha is the images of Buddha carved in a stone niche located in Nojiri-cho, Nishimorokata-gun, Miyazaki Pref. Though there are a lot of Magaibutsu (Buddhist images carved on rock cliffs) found in Kyushu area, there are few that are carved in a stone cave. The images are presumed to have been made about 700 years ago, but the exact era and the name of the sculptor are unknown. The Buddhist images are carved on the stone wall in the deepest part of an elliptical dorm-shape cave, which is 138 cm tall, 184 cm wide and 166 cm deep. Being in the deep stone cave, these Buddhist images have been well protected from rain and wind and retain their original forms. A 50 cm tall image of Yakushi Nyorai is carved in the center on either side of which are 20 cm tall images of Nikko Bosatsu (Sunlight Bosatsu) and Kakko Bosatsu (moonlight Bosatsu) as siblings and Juni Shinsho (Twelve Generals) protecting and serving Yakushi Nyorai. This stone cave Yakushi Nyorai is called “Iwa-no-do Yakushi-sama (Yakushi in a stone cave)” by the local people and visited by a lot of worshippers who offer a prayer for recovery from illness.

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Higashifumoto, Nojiri-cho, Nishomorokata-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture Japan 886-0212
Higashifumoto Stone Cave Buddha

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