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國前寺 Kokuzen-ji Kokuzenji Temple

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Kokuzenji Temple located at the foot of Mt. Futaba to the north of Hiroshima Station was founded in 1340 by the priest Gyonin, who became pupil of Nichizo, one of Nichiren’s apprentices. The temple was originally named Gyoninji Temple. It is said that the temple was fronting the sea in those days. “Tousatsu (the wooden plate staked to a building’s ridgepole stating details of the construction)” shows that the main hall was built in 1671. This dignified building is in Yosemunezukuri style with double roofs, in which no bracket complex (“kumimono” in Japanese) is used except in the step canopy. It is very unique that the space housing the altar protrudes from the backside of the building, the roof of which is in Shikorobuki style (a hip-and gable roof on separate panels).

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32-1 Yamane-cho, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan 732-0048
Kokuzenji Temple

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