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気仙川 Kesen-gawa The Kesen River

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The Kesen River 44 km in total length is a relatively small Class B river running through Kesen-gun, Iwate Pref. The river springs out in Mt. Tkashimizu 1013 m above sea level. The water of this river has been used for irrigation and power generation since old times. The area around the downstream is a huge agricultural land, which provides grains to Kesen area.
The river used to be called the Goyo River or the Arisu River after the towns it flows. It is a prefecture’s representative clear stream, where people can get acquainted with nature. The river is also well-known all over the country as the fishing mecca for Ayu, Yamame and Iwana. A lot of anglers come to enjoy river fishing from March through October. In the upstream of the tributaries of this river, there are several waterfalls including the Otaki, the Kotaki and the Shiraitonotaki. There remains intact nature that can’t be experienced in urban areas.

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Iwate Prefecture, Japan
The Kesen River

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