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龍河洞 Ryugatou Ryuga-do Cave

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Ryuga-do is a cave on the mountainside of Mt. Sanpo in Kochi Prefecture. Together with Akiyoshi-do and Ryusen-do, it is counted as one of Japan’s three largest limestone caves. 24 sub-caves including the West Main Cave, the Central Cave and the East Main Cave are intricately connected with one another. 1,000 m of the cave, which is 4,000 m in total length is open to sightseers.

At the entrance of the cave is Ryuo Shrine. Legend has it that retired Emperor Tsuchimikado, walked into the cave one day after Jokyu Disturbance in 1221, a small gold snake appeared. To see this, the retired emperor built a shrine to enshrine the spirit of the snake.

The stream that springs out of Mt. Sanpo and flows down 60 m height in the cave creates 20 large and small waterfalls inside the cave. Beautifully lit up in the dark, the waterfalls create really fantastic atmosphere.

The ruins of the Yayoi dwellings were excavated in the cave. The earthen ware “Kami-notsubo (God’s Vase)” supposedly made about 2,000 years ago is also famous.

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Hirayama, Tosayamada-cho, Kochi, Kochi Prefecture, Japan
Ryuga-do Cave

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